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October 2003

  • Next Visual Studio will put code on a diet

    The next version of Microsoft's Visual Studio developer tool set, code-named Whidbey, will reduce the amount of code needed to develop applications -- a feat that will have trickle-down benefits fo...

  • Desktop expert offers unvarnished view of Office 2003

    Windows desktop deployment expert Jerry Honeycutt cuts through the marketing hype to outline the highlights of Microsoft's new Office 2003, which makes its debut Oct. 21.

  • Data Center Directions

    Where is the data center going? Browse through our collection of resources for a look into the next generation of high-performance computing architectures. You'll find insight into preparing to ma...

  • Microsoft smears lipstick on a pig

    In the run-up to its partner conference, Microsoft tried to get the Windows community juiced about its "securing the perimeter" initiative. But after CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote address in New Orle...