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  • data products

    A data product is digital information that can be purchased. 

  • production data

    Production data is data that is persistently stored and essential to completing day-to-day business tasks and processes.

  • product footprint

    The product footprint is an assessment of the impact a particular product has on the environment. The product footprint is a primary concern of product lifecycle sustainability, an approach to mana...

  • Virtual server backup products surveyed

    Specialist virtual machine backup products vary in many ways, including hypervisor and application support

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    The product lifecycle is the collective stages that a product goes through from its conception and design through to its ultimate disposal. The lifecycle stages are generally categorized as beginni...

  • Talent acquisition product roundup

    The sheer number of specialty talent acquisition products on the market can be daunting. But don't fret -- this round-up can help.

  • Tech Data ramps up Symantec product range

    Tech Data has deepened its relationship with Symantec taking more of the vendor's product range across Europe

  • IT productivity

    IT productivity is a reference to the relationship between an organization's technology investments and its corresponding efficiency gains, or return on investment.

  • Boost productivity with collaboration technology

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, we hear from IT leaders improving collaboration and productivity for employees by using technologies such as unified communications and social media. We report from ...

  • product lifecycle sustainability

    Product lifecycle sustainability is an approach to managing the stages of a product’s existence so that any negative impact on the environment is minimized. The degree of sustainability is largely ...

  • product lifecycle (in marketing)

    The product lifecycle, in a marketing context, is all the stages of a product's life span that are related to its promotion and sales. The marketing lifecycle is traditionally broken down into four...

  • product lifecycle management (PLM)

    Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a systematic approach to managing the series of changes a product goes through, from its design and development to its ultimate retirement or disposal. PLM sof...

  • When abstraction from hardware-specific products makes sense

    Jon Toigo discusses why software-defined products are growing in popularity as differentiation decreases among hardware-specific products.

  • Lessons learned from DAM product buying process

    Buyers share their lessons on the digital asset management product buying process and how to sort through a fragmented market.

  • Latest UTM products aim for true unified security

    The widening array of sophisticated security attacks has prompted vendors of unified threat management systems to add advanced features to their products. This tip outlines emerging UTM features an...